What is Silo.gg?

Silo.gg is a platform for creating NFT membership collections backed by their Squad (DAO) treasuries. Each NFT has proportional on-chain power over and claim to their connected Squad treasuries, making it possible to trade non-fungible tokenized treasury strategies.

Why the name Silo?

Silo.gg is creating a new sub-classification of ERC6551 called siloNFTs. Just as silos are known to store and secure various assets, siloNFTs hold governance tokens permanently locked within their ERC6551 Token Bound Accounts (TBAs), along with any other assets a normal wallet can manage. While the governance tokens are locked and other assets stored, the NFTs themselves can be freely transferred or traded.

The significance of siloNFTs is correlated to the augmentation of the Moloch DAO UX. By keeping governance tokens locked within the NFTs, Moloch DAOs can now have automated NFT token gating memberships.

Is Silo.gg fully permissionless?

Yes, Silo.gg contracts are fully permissionless on-chain contracts.

The Silo.gg interface is built and maintained by the Silo Squad DAO and is open source.

Who is working on Silo.gg?

Silo.gg is built by the decentralized cooperative known as Silo Squad. Consisting of community members, contributors and core members closely aligned to build the leading DAO tooling for NFT communities and their collections.

If you'd like to contribute to what Silo Squad is building, join the community on Discord.

Does Silo.gg charge any fees?

It will always be free to create and airdrop collections. Fees will be implemented for NFT and meme token sales (TBD). 100% of the fees are distributed to the contributors and users of the Silo.gg platform.

Is there a SILO token?

Yes. The SILO token is a governance token that serves the following primary purposes:

  1. Economic rights in the Silo Squad DAO

  2. Silo Signals to determine SILO Streams

Economic rights are provided in the form of a burning mechanism known as Rage Quit. When SILO tokens are burned, the holder claims a proportional share of the Silo Squad treasury.

SILO holders can lock their SILO tokens and Signal (vote) on Squads operating on the Silo platform. The amount of votes determine the rate at which SILO tokens are streamed to the signaled Squads. Silo Signals is a decentralized curation mechanism to reward the most active and effective Squads on the platform.

Can you get rewards from using Silo.gg?

Yes. To encourage SILO signal participation, a portion of fees that are generated from NFT and meme token sales are passed to anyone that stakes SILO and signals on the coinciding Squad. The remaining fees go into the Silo Squad DAO treasury, controlled and owned by SILO holders.

SILO Signals proportionally determine the rate at which SILO tokens are streamed to the signaled Squads. These SILO tokens are claimable within the Squad treasuries, and are proportionally distributed based on the current epoch's allocation pool.

Each Squad on Silo.gg also earns SILO rewards for completing tasks and reaching milestones.


What is a Main Treasury?

The primary Safe owned and controlled by a Squad that can be RageQuit by meme token holders.

What is a Side Vault?

Secondary Safes that can be created by a Squad to separately manage various assets and operations.

What is RageQuit?

Enables the burning of meme tokens to proportionally claim ERC20 assets within a Main Treasury.

What is a Silo Avatar?

A Squad member's on-chain identity.

What is a Silo meme token?

A token that is generated when creating a Squad, that provides the holder with proportional economic rights over the main treasury in the form of RageQuit.

What is NFT Power?

The proportional voting weight an NFT holds, which can be delegated to any address.

What does it mean to Delegate?

The act of allowing another address to use an NFT's power.


What is ERC6551?

a smart wallet registry that enables ERC721 NFTs to own what are known as Token Bound Accounts (TBA)

What is a Moloch DAO?

Moloch is a governance framework design for on-chain coordination. As a Zodiac module built on Safe, Moloch v3 (Baal) offers a new and robust toolset for existing Safe users, and an alternative for those who value on-chain experiences.

What is a Safe?

A Gnosis Safe is a multisignature smart contract wallet.

What is a siloNFT?

An ERC6551 NFT tied to a siloDAO.

What is a siloDAO?

A custom Moloch DAO built to be compatible with the ERC6551 NFT standard.

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