These docs are in active development by Silo Squad. is a platform for creating and managing ERC6551 NFT DAO membership collections.

Create and sell new membership collections with Silo Core, airdrop a DAO on any existing collection with Silo RDF, or fractionalize and govern an NFT with Silo Faction.

Holders of an NFT collection can now squad up with tools and patterns to effectively coordinate and complete shared objectives.


A Squad is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) on where the NFTs themselves are the members. The primary objectives of a Squad are to manage a shared treasury and achieve sustainability for continued operations:

  • Crowdfund

  • Create and vote on proposals

  • Easily interact with external dapps


Think of an NFT activated through as a holder's Avatar that unlocks powers and abilities within their Squad:

  • Select an identity to operate under

  • Delegate power

  • Participate in governance

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